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Passport Technologies has many years of experience in the industrial electronics and access industries. This has led to the development of several specialized readers and solutions to simplify the client check-in process and increase the security and accuracy of reader performance. In particular, our Wave Passport products incorporate the latest technology along with ease of use and security. We are pleased to offer a complete selection of products to identify your membership, including bar code, biometric and magnetic stripe readers.

wave passport


Wave Passport technology is based on RFID, the most reliable and secure technology used for membership ID. There is a wide selection of cost-effective readers available to suit many different application requirements. All our readers are compatible with a large variety of software solutions, including membership management, access management and POS operations. Our 24-hour access outdoor readers are robust and easy to install, and designed for outdoor applications. Through our SICM, the Wave Passport readers can be linked to any network or internet based software solution.

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